As part of our reclamation services package, EnRec performs pre-construction and post-construction flights of the right of way using LiDAR and Nadir imagery and GeoReferenced Oblique imagery of the pipeline corridor. The pre-construction flight is performed quickly and can be done before or after tree clearing. We deliver a digital elevation model and host a web map for our client to view and analyze data including slope gradient, soil types and soil wetness. Fulcrum App enables users to collect data anytime, anywhere. It can be utilized on multiple platforms and operating systems (iOS & Android), and also allows customized design templates for mobile forms in the web browser dashboard. Custom mobile forms for records are easily constructed in a web browser by dragging and dropping preset fields into a custom design layout. Layouts may be designed to mimic any forms or reports typically used in daily operations, such as Daily Seed Reports, Incident & Safety Reports, Soil Analysis Reports, etc. 

Forms may be synchronized to mobile user accounts to expedite data collection in the field. Mobile users may collect new data and edit existing data, both online and offline, then rapidly synchronize data to the Fulcrum cloud, allowing for real-time reporting and communication. Fulcrum App also enables users to filter data and generate reports in multiple formats, using numerous visualization and dissemination tools. Fulcrum App allows integration of existing databases into the dashboard and mobile apps. Managers may also establish notifications, build custom tools, and assign permissions to users to create, edit, and view data.

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Slope Gradient

Soil Types

Soil Wetness

Right-of-Way Services

EnRec provides a full slate of right-of-way services, including but not limited to, stripping topsoil, building right-of-way, cleanup, slip repair and anomaly digs.

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Aerial Hydroseeding

In terrain with limited access or extreme terrain challenges, EnRec installs hydraulic mulch using helicopters for application.

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Conventional Seeding, Hydro Seeding and Environmental Services

Conventional seeding of the project right-of-way centered around farm tractors and typical ancillary equipment to include disks, seeders, mulchers, material spreaders, and others. In more challenging terrain, seed and soil amendments are applied concurrently with hydraulic mulch for hydroseeding. EnRec has a full line of Finn Hydroseeders and support equipment dedicated to this purpose. In conjunction with our other seeding services, EnRec provides installation of silt fence, wattles, erosion control blankets, fencing, and other environmental services.

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Foam Operation

EnRec solutions has a fleet of foam application equipment and skilled personnel for the on-site provision of Ditch Breakers, Pipe Pillows and other foam applications. Application equipment is variously mounted on either a truck, Morooka or sled, depending on project requirements.

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Buoyancy Control

Buoyancy control is critical to pipeline construction. EnRec's experience in the manufacture and provision of buoyancy control is unmatched in the industry. We provide both geotextile bag weights and concrete coating services.

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